Medications That Interfere with Contraceptive Pill

Birth control pills, additionally known as contraceptive pills, are among the most preferred types of contraception used by ladies all over the world. They are extremely effective in protecting against pregnancy when utilized correctly. However, it is necessary to be conscious that certain medicines can hinder the efficiency of birth control pills.

In this article, we will certainly go over a few of the medications that can potentially lower the effectiveness of contraceptive pill as well as what actions you can require to guarantee you are correctly protected against unintended maternity.

1. Anti-biotics

Prescription antibiotics are frequently recommended to treat microbial infections. While there is a great deal of argument surrounding the topic, recent studies suggest that certain anti-biotics may reduce the performance of contraceptive pill. The prescription antibiotics that might hinder birth control include:

  • Tetracycline
  • Rifampin
  • Griseofulvin

If you are recommended any one of these antibiotics while taking variquit crema para varices precio contraceptive pill, it is suggested to make use of an cardioton side effects in hindi extra form of birth control, such as prophylactics, throughout the course of antibiotic therapy.

2. Antifungal Medicines

Some antifungal medicines made use of to deal with fungal infections, such as fluconazole and also ketoconazole, may likewise hinder the efficiency of contraceptive pill. It is essential to review this prospective interaction with your healthcare provider and also take into consideration making use of back-up contraception techniques throughout antifungal therapy.

3. Anticonvulsant Medications

Anticonvulsant medications are generally prescribed to deal with epilepsy and other seizure problems. Certain anticonvulsant medicines, including phenytoin, carbamazepine, as well as topiramate, have been revealed to lower the performance of contraceptive pill. If you are taking these medicines, it is essential to discuss alternate contraceptive approaches with your doctor.

  • Phenytoin
  • Carbamazepine
  • Topiramate

4. Antiretroviral Drugs

Antiretroviral medicines are used in the treatment of HIV infection. Some studies recommend that certain antiretroviral medicines, particularly those consisting of ritonavir, might disrupt the efficiency of birth control pills. It is important for females dealing with HIV to discuss their contraceptive options with their healthcare provider to ensure optimal defense against maternity.

It deserves stating that these medications might not affect the efficiency of all types of contraceptive pill just as. Various solutions of birth control pills might have different interactions, so it is essential to discuss these potential medicine interactions with your healthcare provider.


While contraceptive pill are normally very reliable when taken correctly, it is essential to be knowledgeable about prospective drug communications that might reduce their effectiveness. Anti-biotics, antifungal drugs, anticonvulsant drugs, and particular antiretroviral drugs are amongst the drugs that can disrupt birth control.

If you are prescribed any one of these drugs while taking birth control pills, it is necessary to review different contraceptive approaches or take into consideration utilizing added contraception, such as prophylactics, to guarantee you are properly secured versus unexpected pregnancy.

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