• Pr. Francoise Bedon Shower Gel Protector Strawberry

    Professor Francoise Bedon has developed for your beauty an intense lightening shower gel enriched with strawberry extract.
    Thanks to this ultra soft and unctuous texture it is an excellent protector against external aggression. It smooth’s the skin’s grain directly while unifying the complexion.
    It develops a fine and delicately scented mouse that rinses very easily.

  • Dermobba Lightening & Exfoliating Shower Gel

    The lightening shower gel of the Dermobba brand has been designed for daily application, on your face and body. Thanks to its soft and creamy texture, it instantly smoothens the texture of your skin. Its fine and delicately scented foam rinses very easily, and will leave on your face a soft refreshing sensation.

  • Dermobba Glycerin Douche

    The lightening glycerin of the Dermobba brand is to be used for a daily care, as a complement to body milk. It removes stains, moisturizes, softens and deeply nourishes your skin, while giving it a natural glow, as well as a unified complexion

  • Dermobba Exfoliating Soap

    The Lightening Soap from Dermobba is the perfect exfoliant for daily face and body care.
    It cleans and purifies your skin, while leaving it smooth, soft and luminous.

  • Dermobba Gaba Serum Anti Dark Spot

    The lightening GABA serum of the DERMOBBA brand is perfectly designed for a pure application. It helps eliminating brown spots and corrects complexion.

  • Dermobba Carrot Serum

    It helps eliminate dark spots, corrects and erases traces of hyperpigmentation. It aims to unify your complexion and soften your skin.
    Its formula has been created specifically so that you can use it pure, but also mixed with your body milk if you wish.

  • Dermobba Gaba Brightening Day Cream

    Gaba lightening Day Cream by DERMOBBA is regenerating and restorative.
    It contains Gamma Amino Butyric acid (Gaba) which will allow you to clarify your complexion while reducing pigmentation spots.

  • Dermobba Carrot Brightening Night Cream

    DERMOBBA carrot lightening Night Cream is rich thanks to its natural lipid complex, allowing optimal hydration while restructuring your epidermal structure.

  • Dermobba Carrot Brightening Day Cream

    The DERMOBBA Carrot Lightening Day Cream is regenerating, restorative and contains a lipid complex based on purified carrot oil, which allows it to clarify the complexion while reducing pigmentation spots

  • Dermobba Gaba Body Lightening Lotion

    Gaba(Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) lightening milk from the Dermobba brand has been designed for the body. This innovative treatment based on active ingredients known for their clarifying and antioxidant actions gives maximum hydration to your body.
    Its content of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (Gaba) gives it optimal effectiveness against hyperpigmentation

  • Dermobba Carrot Body Lightening Lotion

    Carrot lightening Lotion from the DERMOBBA range was designed for the body and made with carrot extracts. It is especially known for its purifying and antioxidant active ingredients. Its formula is based on vegetable extracts and acid lemon juice enabling you to achieve a natural glow while maintaining the maximum hydration for your body. Its acid lemon juice basis combines powerful active skin-lightening ingredients that help to combat staining and hyperpigmentation. Its texture is soft and nourishing. Its perfume will leave you with a feeling of purity and lightness.

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