• Pr. Francoise Bedon Prestige Fine Glycerin

    Professor Francoise Bedon Creates for your beauty the delicate glycerin Prestige. Glycerin moisturizes and softens fine your skin in a remarkable way, it brightens and evens the skin gently. It may be used throughout the year. In winter to protect the skin against the attacks of cold and wind. In summer, to moisturize and soften dry and dehydrated skin by the su

  • Pr.Françoise Bedon Glycerin 150ML

    Formulated with glycerin, this treatment eliminates scars while hydrates the body. Skin tone is even, clear and younger.

  • Dermobba Glycerin Douche

    The lightening glycerin of the Dermobba brand is to be used for a daily care, as a complement to body milk. It removes stains, moisturizes, softens and deeply nourishes your skin, while giving it a natural glow, as well as a unified complexion

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