Pr. Francoise Bedon Purifying Balm Puissance

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Multivitamin treatment that fight scars, age, sun and pregnancy spots. Eliminates acne and restores your skin to a clear and healthy complexion.



  1. Purifies and Cleanses: The purifying balm deeply cleanses the skin, eliminating impurities, excess oil, and environmental pollutants, which can clog pores and lead to blemishes.
  2. Brightens and Evens Skin Tone: Enriched with powerful brightening agents, the balm works to fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone, revealing a luminous and uniform complexion.
  3. Nourishes and Hydrates: Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter and vitamin E, the balm nourishes and hydrates the skin, restoring its suppleness and vitality.
  4. Soothes Irritations: With its soothing properties, the balm helps alleviate skin irritations, redness, and inflammation, promoting a calm and comfortable sensation.
  5. Refines Texture: Regular use of the balm helps to refine the skin’s texture, diminishing the appearance of pores and fine lines, and imparting a smooth and velvety feel.

How to Use:

  1. Cleanse: Start with a clean face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt, or impurities from the skin.
  2. Apply: Take a small amount of the Purifying Balm Puissance and apply it evenly to your face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area.
  3. Massage: Gently massage the balm into the skin using circular motions, allowing it to penetrate deeply and stimulate circulation.
  4. Absorption: Allow the balm to absorb fully into the skin before proceeding with any other skincare products or makeup.
  5. Frequency: For optimal results, use the purifying balm twice daily, in the morning and evening, as part of your skincare routine.

When to Use:

  • Morning Routine: Use the Purifying Balm Puissance in the morning to cleanse and prepare your skin for the day ahead. Its purifying and brightening properties will help you achieve a fresh and radiant complexion.
  • Evening Routine: Incorporate the balm into your evening skincare regimen to cleanse away the day’s impurities and nourish your skin while you sleep. This allows for maximum absorption and renewal, waking up to revitalized and rejuvenated skin.

Skin Type:

The Pr. Francoise Bedon Purifying Balm Puissance is suitable for all skin types, including:

  • Normal Skin: It helps maintain the skin’s balance and vitality.
  • Oily/Combination Skin: The purifying properties of the balm control excess oil production and prevent breakouts.
  • Dry Skin: Its hydrating ingredients replenish moisture levels, leaving the skin soft and supple.
  • Sensitive Skin: The soothing formula calms irritation and inflammation, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin.


Consistent use of the Pr. Francoise Bedon Purifying Balm Puissance yields remarkable results, including:

  • Clearer Skin: Reduction in blemishes, acne, and breakouts.
  • Brighter Complexion: Fading of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.
  • Hydrated and Nourished Skin: Improved moisture retention and suppleness.
  • Refined Texture: Smoother, softer skin with minimized pores and fine lines.
  • Overall Radiance: A luminous and healthy complexion that exudes vitality and youthfulness.


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